saw machine, table top, power: 1400 watt electric motor, disc diameter 255 mm, weight 19.5 kg
saw disk, manual, power: 2000 W, electric, height of cut 86 mm, diameter of the blade 235 mm, weight 6.8 kg
saw chain, manual, power: 1250 W, petrol engine with a maximum length of 40 cm, tyre chain pitch 3/8 inch inch, weight 3.8 kg
saw machine, table top, power: 1600 w/2.1 HP electric motor, disc diameter 305 mm 3800 rpm, RPM, weight 30 kg
saw cutting, table top, power: 2000 W, electric motor, 120 mm, height of cut disc diameter 355 mm 3800 rpm, RPM, the weight 16.5 kg
saw disk, manual, power: 1010 W, electric motor, cutting height 68 mm, 190 mm diameter disk rotation speed, 5500 rpm, weight 3.6 kg,
saw sabel′naâ (kW), manual, power: 1010 W, electric motor, 130 mm, height of cut speed 2800 rpm, weight 3.3 kg
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